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Creating a SketchUp Plugin

It gives you a wireframe preview of the product before execution. You can play with this plugin to create various forms or playful wall cladding.

It randomly extrudes all the selected surfaces within the range you enter. You just need to insert a minimum and a maximum value, then you will get a set of extruded surfaces with depths ranging between these two values. This plugin provides a variety of scale transformation options to your model.

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These options include stretching, tapering, and twisting among others. This plugin lets you apply a skin over the space between specified edges, and play with it to create a complicated yet smooth surface. However, this plugin is only free until April This is another interesting plugin be Fredo6 that gives a parametric edge to the simple modeling software.

It produces 9 different modeling options which can be created from a set of selected curved lines. That way you can avoid changing or deleting the wrong entity. Like the Weld option in 3Ds Max , this plugin makes it possible to turn a set of connected lines and arcs into a single polyline.

Where are my SU Podium V2 or V2 Plus files located on the Mac

This extension gives you a wider variety of line drawing options which include Polylines, Bezier and Spline curves. These baselines can be useful to create unique forms. It creates 3D rectilinear or radial patterns from selected components. It can be used for example, to model spiral stairs. All you need to do is the model of the first two steps.

This plugin facilitates dealing with non-planar surfaces. It can be handy with form-based conceptual models, topographies, or furniture design. This plugin surrounds your model with a box of control points which let you modify and manipulate the mesh which is composing the model. This plugin enables you to a copy a single component onto multiple selected and ungrouped faces. What a relief to finally find something that works! I can't imagine why this file has any negative ratings. My best guess is that people don't understand what to do with a plugin file, and get frustrated.

To add the plugin, just drop the "stl4su. Restart SketchUp and look under the "Tools" menu. You should now see the option "Export to STL By the way, I'm using SketchUp Version 8. Many thanks for taking the time to write this plugin, Revar D. As distributed at least for Mac , only supports SU 7. I'm sure you can do something similar under Windows.

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One caveat: STL files have no unit or scale information in them, so you need to pay attention to your export units and your import options. That's not the fault of the plugin, it's just the way STL files are. Once I realized that you need to set your import options, it worked perfectly with both a model created in SU, and a much more elaborate part created with AutoDesk Inventor.

This is probably the best tool to use to quickly validate STL parts generated by other cad software. One more caveat: this tool only allows you to export an entire model at once.

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You can download extensions from the Extension Warehouse, which is an online repository of The Ruby plugin appears in the list of extensions. *.rb files. For Mac, after downloading the dmg file, in order to install Kerkythea please drag For SketchUp 6, 7, 8, , , , , and (Make or Pro).

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Intro and Download 2. Troubleshoot 3.

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Activate License 4. Render process and getting started 5. Download and samples to test 6.

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Where to get Support 7. What version do I have? Check List to help Support. Options Menu 1. Presets 2. Resolution, formats, save 3. Transparent 4. Environment settings Apply Material Properties Lights 1.

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Sky Light, Sun Light 2. Image Editor 2. Generate 3. Tools to Analyse 4. Render Manager 5.