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You will be able to convert you Itunes music library m4a format to mp3, wma, ogg, etc This free software will let you search 'YouTube', 'DailyMotion', 'MetaCafe' and 'Google' videos without opening your browser and you can even watch the videos using the built-in video player. Free FLV Converter allows you to easily grab and save desired video. This software can also convert all your videos divx, xvid, mpeg, dvd, avi You will only have to place the files on your website to share your videos with the entire world.

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Free Video Converter allow to set the Start Time, end time or duration that you wan to extract. Size: 3. You'll be able to play it with any video player on your computer. It's clearly free and absolutely safe to install and run. Free Video to Flash Converter. For example convert avi to flv, mp4 to flv, mpeg to flv, mpg to flv, wmv to flv, mov to flv, 3gp to flv. Free Video to Flash Converter contains no spyware or adware. It's free for both personal and commercial use. Free Video Dub is the free video editing software that lets you delete unwanted parts from video files without re-encoding.

And "without re-encoding" means without loosing original quality!!! This is a lossless video editing, which is very fast. Tali filtri sono molto duttili grazie ad un sistema di "chiavi di posizione" che permettono la loro variazione.

FreeCAD 8. VNC Come servizio, listen mode : vnc -listen. You can connect from any computer that has the remote desktop viewer installed. This is basically Terminal services with a more friendly name.

It is mainly used to request help from fellow employees on a network. It can be setup to allow a person to control their pc when they are away. Just another flavor of VNC that is suppose to be ultra fast. That's where the name comes from. Directed towards medium to large business networks. It is also the most expensive.

It is directed towards large businesses. For advanced users only. An extension of Google's gtalk service, Gbridge automatically forms a collaborative, encrypted VPN Virtual Private Network that connects your computers and your friends' computers directly and securely with patented technology. Gbridge has many unique features. DesktopShare VNC : Access your computer desktop remotely or share your desktop with your friend from anywhere in the world. Gbridge automatically traverses firewalls and NATting routers without the need for configuration! SecureShare: Securely share files among your own computers, so you can remotely access your files, e.

Securely share files to your designated friend, so the selected friend can instantly view the auto-generated photo thumbnails and slideshow remotely. AutoSync: Transfer large files and synchronizing folders to and from anywhere has never been easier. AutoSync supports auto-schedule, auto-resume, incremental transfers and no size restrictions!

EasyBackup: Setup an auto-recurring backup of your important folder to a local or remote PC is as easy as! EchoVNC Permette l'uso del software di controllo remoto vnc anche tra macchine protette da un firewall. Non occorre quindi configurare il reindirizzamento di porte o di creare eccezioni nel firewa.

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VNCR 1. Hidden Administrator 1. Un pratico "file manager" consente di caricare o prelevare file e cartelle dal computer remoto similmente ai classici client FTP. Dorgem Dorgem is a webcam capture application for Windows 9x and up. Any Video for Windows compatible webcam or other digital camera is supported. It has unlimited storage events that can put the captured image on an FTP site as well as a local disk, all with their own time interval.

It can put a unlimited texts and bitmaps on the captured image before the image is stored. Dorgem supports an unlimited number of simultaneous cameras. It has a built-in webserver for still images and can be used as security camera because of its motion detection. Altri software per trasformare una webcam in una di sorveglianza LogiSphere 2.

Una volta installato LogiSphere, il personal computer diventa di fatto un server web utilizzabile per rendere possibile la visualizzazione, da remoto, di quanto inquadrato dalla webcam collegata. It takes images from your camera at timed intervals and puts them on your web site with FTP.

You can add effects like text messages, time stamps and an overlay image.

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You can superimpose a logo, or any image you want, on top of your webcam image. Instructions for configuring this plug-in are provided with Fwink. Webcam Publisher supports png, gif, jpg, and avi via FTP or the built in webserver. Overlay text, images, watetermarks, time stamps, and more. Multiple webcams are supported. UWCP have features like, putting images into a image archive with only one click,visitors will be able to vote the top5 images from your WEBcam. Server only runs on linux, the client is platform independent.

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Easy to use and no programming experience necessary. Put one file on your site and paste in the HTML tags provided. Aims to be highly portable across browsers. Lots of handy features.


vorrei sapere come richiedere la conferma di avvenuta ricezione e/o lettura di una mail da me inviata. Outlook)? Firefox su Mac OS Leopard. IBM® MQ è un middleware di messaggistica solido, sicuro e affidabile. Utilizza i messaggi e le code per supportare lo scambio di informazioni tra applicazioni.

Therefore the P2P Network is aware of the location of it's participants and efficient location-based search is possible. It works with other open source project like XVid for real-time high quality high compression ration video recording. You're not behind a firewall? Then use this free webcam http server and let your friends to see you You want to build a live webcams website? Even if it's for adult purposes, I don't care It lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation cartoon using both bitmap and vector graphics.

Pencil is free and open source.

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Light Artist is a program that allows you to add realistic lighting effects to your photos. With this program you can easily make your ordinary and undistinguished photos sunnier, romantic or even gloomy if you want. You can modify the light color, add multiple light sources, change the surface qualities of the image and add various ambient illumination effects. Using one of the image channels as the texture channel you can add 3D relief to your images.

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File Date Changer Cambiare data ai files Scarica qui. NetTime 2. Viewer for index. Il programma non si limita all'eliminazione dei file index. R-Firewall protegge e controlla il traffico sulla rete locale, e su internet, non lasciando scampo ad intrusioni, attacchi, cavalli di troia, spyware e tutto quel che cerca di comunicare con l'esterno senza permesso, o che cerca di entrare senza pulirsi le scarpe.

Display information on the screen, print it, or save it to file in various formats E' sufficiente selezionare la cartella delle foto, generare la pagine e fare l'upload sul Web server attraverso l'FTP. Consente anche di creare degli "snapshot".

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There are many search engines on the Internet that offer free MP3 files and 2 Find MP3 makes it easy to find and download the music you are looking for. When a lyric is found it is marked with a smiley and you can view it in the lyric box. All-in-One Media Player Download Now Play and organize your favorite mp3 and movie files with this all-in-one media player.

Thanks to All-in-One Media Player you will never again loose track of your media collection which often is scattered over different folder locations and disks. When it comes to Party Time, you will be only one click away from having a top DJ perform for you all night long!

Organizing your movies becomes easy and fun with the automatic retrieval of movie posters and the wealth of information and trivia presented in the movie browser. Frequent tasks such as burning files, building and burning ISO files, and erasing rewritable CDs and DVDs are made easy for novice as well as advanced users. Ad-Aware SE Personal 1. Low-level erasing of Flash Cards is supported too.

The program utilizes Ultra-DMA transfers when possible. A differenza di altre utility le operazioni sono svolte all'interno di Windows. Magic Boot Disk v2. Also, refrain from use of any intermediate hub devices while using this driver. The following line is needed in your config. This software can make precise diagnostic of the mechanical part of a drive, view SMART attributes, perform Low-level format, bad sector repair, different tests and tens of other functions.

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For advanced users, there is a PascalScript rule, which let users program their very own renaming rule. The program allows you to combine multiple renaming actions as a rule set, applying each action in logical sequence, which can be saved, loaded and managed within the program.

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Optionally, Shell Links can be created to immediately execute any of the supported actions from the desktop. It displays a real-time graph of CPU performance as well as current usage indicator.