Deleting word work files mac

File name changes to Word Work File D_ and Deletes itself.

To avoid completely losing your files, you can:. Thus, the chances to save a Word Document that has never been saved before are slim. Knowing this should give you a hint that you should save the word document at least once whenever you create a new one. After you save your Word document, the AutoSave feature will begin to work.

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Damage to your hard disk or storage device that leads to corrupt or missing files. Newsletter Subscribe. If you have Time Machine running it will keep a copy of every temporary file that Word has ever written. Yes No. Recovering Word Documents through Data Recovery Programs If none of these methods help you recover unsaved Word documents, your best bet is either backup software or data recovery software.

To minimize the loss of the progress on the file you are working, you can change the frequency of AutoSave:. Check all the items under Save Options Recommended and change the interval of AutoSave, for example, from every 10 minutes to every 5 minutes.

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How to recover unsaved or deleted Word documents lost word files mac is working as it should then it's quite hard to lose a file in Word. Accidentally, you closed your Word without saving the work on Mac. Besides, if you unintentionally deleted your Word document, you can get it of the unsaved document named as Word Work File in the Temporary folder.

If you follow the two tips above, you will substantially decrease the risk of losing your Word documents. What if you carelessly deleted your important Word files on your Mac? No worry.

2. Recover deleted versions of a Microsoft Word File using Time Machine.

There is a free method to retrieve permanently deleted Word documents provided below. Even so, it's still a last-ditch effort to take after all the other methods have failed.

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Anyway, it's worth a try. You're strongly recommended to download its free version for the first attempt. It won't cost you a penny to search for your missing files.

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And since your problem is only for a few lost Word files, the 2GB recovery limit should be more than enough. Step 1. Select the location where your important Word documents were lost and click Scan button. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac will start immediately a quick scan as well as a deep scan on your selected disk volume.

Recovering Unsaved Word Documents OS X

Meanwhile, the scanning results will be presented in the left pane. By Path and Type, you can quickly filter the Word files you've lost earlier. Select the target files and click Recover Now button to get them back at once. Use the Go To Folder tool and enter the full path to get around this. If you close a file and click Don't Save , the AutoRecover file will be deleted because Office assumes that everything is ok and the AutoRecover file isn't needed.

Click Save. In the Save AutoRecover info box, enter how frequently you want the program to save documents.

For those applications AutoRecover files are stored in the folders we listed above. Under Personal Settings , click File Locations. Under File locations , click AutoRecover files , and then click Modify.

Find the location where you want to automatically save files, and then click Open. Under Authoring and Proofing Tools , click General.

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Make sure that the Confirm file format conversion at Open check box is selected, and then close the General dialog box. On the Open menu towards the bottom right select Recover Text. The next time that you open an application, files in the AutoRecovery folder are listed in the Open Recent list. Under Output and Sharing , click Save. Use Keyboard Maestro create a script to automatically save your Microsoft Word documents every 5 minutes.

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Download and install Keyboard Maestro. Make a new script.

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It will need to look something like this:. As a bonus if you autosave the document to dropbox you will get 30 days worth of version history stored in the cloud because Dropbox keeps changes to your documents. It keeps a temporary copy of the file you are working on so that if Word crashes it will attempt to recover the file next time you open Microsoft Word.