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Bringing your Java Application to Mac OS X
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With the resulting code, JavaFX applications are able to use the default Mac OS menu bar just like any native application. The following example shows how to add a menu bar to a JavaFX application. It also sets the useSystemMenuBarProperty to true in order to put the menu bar at the very top of the screen instead of adding it to the application window. The problem with that code is that it does not affect the automatically generated application menu in any way. The menu items are just added to the right of the already existing application menu.


In the following, I outline how to use this tool and how it uses Cocoa native bindings to provide the described functionality. Accessing the auto generated menu bar with NSMenuFX is fairly simple, as outlined in the following example:. The first Menu of menuBar now contains the application menu with all its default items. As depicted in the example above, Cocoa does not have the concept of a menu bar object but uses a NSMenu object instead. This menu solely consists of NSMenuItem s, whereas each of this items has a title and an optional submenu. The title of these items is what is shown in the OS X menu bar whereas the submenus are the menus that open when you click on them.

The submenus also contain NSMenuItems with, again, optional submenus.

Java GUI- Add MENU BAR TUTORIAL,help Swing, JMenuBar, JMenu

To shine a bit more light on the Cocoa Menu structure, consider the following code snippet that loops over the items of the OS X menu bar. The most interesting part of this code snippet is that the itemArray does not contain the actual NSMenuItem s but only a sequence of Cocoa native object IDs. To bind a Java object to the respective native object, this object id must be passed in to the constructor. The convert method that is called subsequently then recurses through the submenu and converts all elements to their JavaFX counterparts.

Most aspects of the menu item conversion, like the title or the accelerator are pretty much straight forward and can be, more or less, directly translated. If you are not familiar with Objective-C, selectors can be loosely thought of as reflections defining method names that should be called on a given object. Therefore, a new selector can be created at runtime by calling OS. By default, selectors are invoked on the delegate object of the application, which is an instance of SWTApplicationDelegate.

Bringing your Java Application to Mac OS X

You'll want to specify these two properties:. I discuss this approach in greater detail in this Java Mac application name menubar tutorial. The best approach I can recommend is to build your Java application to make it appear to your users to be a complete native Mac application. I describe this process in great detail in these two Mac Java application tutorials:.

I hope this collection of tips to get your Java application name on the Mac menu bar are helpful. These are all the ways I know to get your Java application name on the Mac menu bar, and I've listed them here in order from "easiest" to "best". Options to put your Java application name on the Mac menubar. By Alvin Alexander. Last updated: June 3 To get the "Preferences" item to show up all you seemingly need to do is implement a handler for that item, like so:.

This code should replace macApplication. Calling FullScreenUtilities. This includes javax. JFrame , will enable this functionality. To programmatically toggle full screen mode call macApplication. There's no way to set the fullscreen state manually, only a toggle. I'm not sure how com. Here's a more complete example with a possibly redundant check to make sure the system is at least Mac OS X Lion:. Apple implemented NC in Mountain Lion Since com. This might explain why there's no NC capabilities in com. Here's to hoping that gets patched in before long. Unfortunately I haven't tried most of these solutions so I can't really provide much more than information I've found online for now.

Someone suggested executing an AppleScript command that produces a notification. The " display notification " command will do exactly that. That's the full extent of what you can achieve with the command. You can't set the app icon or create interactive notifications.

I like to build software.

Mac Java menubar FAQ: I'm creating a "Mac Java" application for (a Java Swing application for Mac OS X) how do I put my Java menu bar. If you don't do anything to your Java application on a Mac OS X system, your Java class name will appear in the Mac menubar. Of course, this.

According this article by Apple the correct way to run AppleScript from Java is with javax. I'm on OS X Mavericks So the upside to this AppleScript approach is that it's fully vanilla Java, the downside is that you're extremely limited with what you can produce. I don't really like Growl and wouldn't use it if I had the choice but it seems like a pretty viable solution, especially since it lets users set whether Growl notifications get forwarded to NC.

That's as close as you'll get without some weird hack coming up next. Here are two libraries that provide Java bindings for Growl found on this page:. After a short googling I found this sample class for LibGrowl that should help get you started with it. I put that in quotes because I have close to no idea what it actually means.

Lots of people on Stack Overflow seemed to know what they were doing with this and got some systems working. Here are some threads for extended reading:. This library relies on and communicates with CLI tools.

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For our purposes this library seems like a last resort multiple dependencies and lots of overhead. This following approach doesn't seem to work with later combinations of Java and OS X. I'm not sure whether it's the versions of Java I tried with 1.

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I can't find a way to set the menu bar title on my setup. All the guides that I came across stated that you have to set the com.