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It allows you to easily try out a new operating system without making any changes to your existing operating system. VirtualBox is the most popular free virtualisation solution available, and this tutorial will teach you how to install Windows 8 in VirtualBox. To create this article, 21 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

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Learn more Acquire the software. For instructions on how to download and install VirtualBox follow This link. Make sure you download the iso. Install VirtualBox and download Windows 8.

How to Install VirtualBox Extension Pack

Open VirtualBox and select new machine. Type in Windows 8 into the text box. Once this is done, select windows on the first scroll menu then select Windows 8 from the version box second scroll box. Use the default RAM setting. Should you have surplus or limited RAM adjusting the slider is fine. Leave the "new virtual hard disk" box blank.

How To Run XP Mode in VirtualBox on Windows 7 (sort of)

When the wizard asks about a new virtual hard disk do not select anything. Simply select next.

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See comment from Max Weller above: If the adapter type box is greyed out, you need to shut down the VM. Really appreciate the help. To perform a non-interactive installation of Oracle VM VirtualBox there is a response file named autoresponse , that the installer will use for responses to inputs rather than ask them from you. DG says:. Featured on Meta. You should start by compiling the vboxdrv kernel module and inserting it into the Linux kernel.

Select your virtual hard drive. The wizard will ask what type of virtual hard drive you want select VDI or virtual box disk image than select next. Choose disk space. The wizard will ask you to set the disk space for the hard drive.

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You may select dynamically allocated or a fixed size. You may choose either, but often fixed size is better as it is faster and more stable.

VirtualBox binaries

Select the size of the disk. As a minimum, 20 gigabytes should be selected but the more space the merrier. Create a summary page. When the summary page is brought up select create and wait as this may take a while. Launch your virtual machine.

Open VirtualBox and click on the machine. First off, head over to VirtualBox's Download page and grab the right copy for your system. The only real choice falls on Linux users having to choose between and bit versions for their particular distribution—you don't want to run a bit guest on a bit host machine, if you can avoid it. Linux users should note that while there may be a version of VirtualBox available in their repository, it's usually the Open Source Edition, which may not be as up-to-date as the VirtualBox download page, and doesn't offer support for USB devices, along with a few other odds and ends.

Click through the install screens; in most cases, you won't have to stop and change anything. You'll probably get a warning that VirtualBox will have to disconnect and re-connect your network connection for a few seconds while it's setting up, so finish up any crucial net transfers.

Run Windows and OS X at the same time

During setup on Windows, you'll be asked to install "device software" or "drivers"—hit "Install" for each, or check the box that indicates you'll "Always trust Let's get something running in there. One big advantage of virtual machines over partitioning, dual-booting, and all that other hard-drive-tweaking stuff is the ability to install a system right from an ISO file. And if you've got an older XP installation disc, you can slipstream the latest service pack into it to create a minimal-hassle installation ISO image, and never bother burning it.

While you're at it, check out Adam's guide to trimming down Windows to the bare essentials for a real speedy virtual installation ISO.

Download and Install VirtualBox Extension Pack 5.2.6

Hit "New" and you'll be asked to give your system a name you'll recognize—in my case, an XP system I'll unleash all my morning Lifehacker test downloads on—and let VirtualBox know generally what variety and flavor it is. This next screen asking for a memory allocation seems imposing—I won't give it enough!

I'll kill my host system with too much! VirtualBox will recommend a minimum amount, based on the OS you said you were installing, but your common sense will pay off here. I'm usually not running anything intensive on my system with 2GB of memory, so if lost half a GB, or MB, I'd probably not notice much. Your mileage will certainly vary, but try peeling off as much as you can at first, then scale it back if you notice your system becoming unstable, or bump it up if you get frustrated with a lag-tastic system-in-a-system.

The next screen asks you to either create a new hard disk image or use an existing one. Assuming this is a first install, keep Boot Hard Disk checked and hit Next to create the image. Hit Next again at the start of the "New Virtual Disk Wizard" they keep changing the name from "Virtual" to "image," but it's all the same , then you'll be asked to choose a dynamically expanding image or a fixed-size storage.

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This depends on how much space you're willing to give your virtual OS. Do you have just 8GB you want to give over, and don't want it reaching past that? Choose the fixed-size option, set a size amount in gigabytes, and relax. Or you can choose "dynamically expanding," which, just like it sounds, allots only a little bit of space at first, but will re-report itself to the virtual system as bigger if the OS needs a bit more space. If you happen to have multiple SATA hard drives in your system, or a fast external SATA, the How-To Geek recommends placing your virtual machine image the "guest" on a separate physical drive from the machine running it the "host" for better multi-tasking and performance speed, plus a little less wear on a single hard drive.

Assuming everything went well, you'll see your new virtual system in the left-hand pane of the VirtualBox window. But before you hit "start," let's hit "Settings" and get it ready to roll the right way. The first category from the left-hand menu, General, lets you change how much base memory or RAM and video memory is given over to the virtual machine.

Como instalar o windows XP no virtualbox

Unless you're planning to enable 3D effects, the default chosen for video memory should be fine, and the 3D acceleration box can remain un-checked. Once you've added an ISO file to this menu, you can mount it in any virtual machine you're running at any time—kind of a nice feature for files you need to get at often. Hit "Select" to close this dialog. Before we get to the "Shared Folders," which is pretty darned convenient, let's boot our system.

Hit OK and close out your Settings window, then hit Start back at the main box to get rolling.

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You'll get occasional pop-ups from VirtualBox, "notifying" you that a mouse pointer is now in such-and-such a mode, the video display has changed, yada, yada—just hit OK and check the boxes so it doesn't bother you further.