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I had the same problem with my Mac dual 2. So I traded it in for a reconditioned 8-core Mac Pro. Couldn't be happier. Originally Posted by Dennis. Of course you are unplugging all devices when trouble-shooting? USB hubs, printers, keyboard, mouse, etc? I've had Macs do this and unplugging the printer worked.

Power Mac G5 won't turn on with board switch?

Originally Posted by ryancork. Finally took the G5 to the Apple Store. Finally got around to take the G5 to the Apple Store, the guy at the Genius Bar tried to start it, nope Tries to re-set the pram Opens it up and tries a bunch of things, removing the additional third party RAM, mix and matches it. I kept mentioning possibly replacing the pram battery is that the same as the backup battery?

He said he reseated it but it didn't work. I don't know why they didn't at least try putting a new one in. In the end, he came to the conclusion that it was either the processor or a board.

I told him I wanted to think it about it and took it with me I'm thinking I will try replacing the battery and if that doesn't help then I'll go get a second opinion. What do you guys think? It's a 4 year old Power Mac G5 Dual 2. I've been thinking of possibly getting a Mac laptop before this it was going to be in addition to the G5 tower but now What would the best Mac Laptop to get for the money? Even I replied to this posting on the Tape Op board and described the fact that I had "built" a "personal computer" that "happens to run a famous operating system named after a feline Funny, but seriously my post would be deleted here because I'm discussing something that the moderators read: Mac fanatics are upset about.

I don't know. Even though the device itself is completely legal and Apple doesn't own this board and despite the fact that the board itself is hosted in Australia if I even type in the name of the device, my post will be censored. XOX -- Yes, I am serious. Thanks, Mr.

Power Light is on but computer won’t turn on – Power Mac G5

Originally Posted by drycounty. Originally Posted by lukejs.

My machine does that, and has for the last 18 months- try restarting Some G5 came with bad video cards that prevented or caused sporadic startup issues. Originally Posted by bombcode. How old is your machine? Was it doing the same thing mine is?

How did you go about getting them to send you a new video card? Wel I since doing some research I have found out that this seems to be a pretty commone occurence among people with G5's of that era. Right around the 3 year mark either the processor, the board or both, goes. There is a very informative discussion about this here Macworld: Power Mac G5 logic board failure?

If you are experiencing this sort of problem I highly suggest you check out the forum and contribute.


I'm thinking I will try replacing the battery and if that doesn't help then I'll go get a second opinion. There is a very informative discussion about this here Macworld: Power Mac G5 logic board failure? The power button is also separately replaceable. Thanks to eveyone who contributed to my original post!!! Couldn't be happier.

Apple is fixing some of the computers that are out of warranty for free and others not. Time Machine did its thing and everything is as it was, except for a few folders that I told it not to back up. I've got the old one in a USB enclosure, maybe I'll be able to talk to it Time machine backup worked. But things weren't quite right, so I reinstalled OS X and had to repair permissions as well.

Still unable to talk to the old drive. I know this is going to sound a little strange but I have rescued two PC HDDs by disconnecting the power supply from the HDD, rebooting the system, then shut it back down, reconnect the power to the HDD and boot again. It worked long enough to let me copy the drive anyway. I don't why or whether this will work on a Mac or any other computer for that matter, but there's no harm in giving it a try.

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Oh, this is bad So, I woke up this morning and went to my computer, to find it hung up. I could move windows around, but that was it. I was not able to open any folders or applications. So, I restarted the computer. I know what this means - the computer can't find a valid OS X install. I rebooted, reset the PRAM, no go. I launched the Disk Utility to see if I could repair the hard drive, but it wasn't in the list!

I could still see my second hard drive and my USB backup drive, but not the main drive. How can I tell if the drive is Really and Truly Hosed, rather than some stupid little thing like a boot record that needs to be rebuilt?