Clear formatting in word for mac

Remove and cleanup formatting in Microsoft Word

In order to change the header while maintaining the current formatting in Word The only major difference is the appearance of the clear formatting icon. It will now have a single A along with a pink eraser running diagonally in the opposite direction. If you are being prevented from clearing any formatting on a certain document then the document may be protected from any and all formatting changes. To quickly change formatting, you can apply a different style, create a new style, or modify the current style which I don't recommend.

As you work, you will often apply additional direct formats.

Summary – How to clear formatting in Word 2013

For instance, you might bold or italicize a word or phrase. You can apply direct formatting without changing the underlying style. Throughout this article, I'll use these two terms, direct and style to distinguish between how formats are applied, because the difference matters.

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You still define the font size and other properties Bold, Italic in the paragraph style, but the font itself can be variable. Select a style from the list and view the Character preview, Paragraph preview, and Description. In the Styles box, click the style you want to modify, click Modify, and then click no style in the Based on box. You can have a template that has no styles in the Quick Styles Gallery and then add your styles to the Gallery. Change the List to display All Styles if necessary. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology.

In addition, formats affect different levels: paragraph , character , and linked. Paragraph styles format the entire paragraph, as you might expect. Character styles format selected text--a sentence, phrase, word, or even an individual character. Linked styles combine the two. In other words, a linked style acts like a paragraph style when a paragraph is selected and a character style when only part of a paragraph is selected. In Figure A, you can see that Normal is a paragraph style. If you study the simple document shown in Figure B , you might discern some inconsistencies; determining what caused them can be difficult.

Perhaps the first step to exposing potential formatting problems is to make sure styles are applied consistently.

Summary – How to clear formatting in Word 2013

Most of us use Draft view on the View tab to work with text minus the encumbrance of graphical and layout elements, such as pictures, columns, headers, page breaks, and so on. But you can also use Draft view to quickly identify the styles used throughout your document. In Figure C , you can see that Heading 2 and Normal are consistently used. If you don't see the styles listed to the left, enable this feature as follows:.

How To Format An Ebook In Word Using Styles

What you can't detect is the direct formatting, but that is, in itself, a clue: If the styles are applied consistently, but you can visually detect inconsistencies, direct formatting is the most likely cause of those discrepancies. At this point, you might turn to the Font and Font Size controls in the Font group on the Home tab for more information. The mystery grows as you select the different paragraphs to display their different fonts and font sizes:. How can that be?

2. Clear Formatting

Each paragraph uses the Normal style, but they're obviously not uniform. Direct formatting is your problem, but Draft view can't help with specifics, so let's take a closer look. Earlier, I mentioned two style types, paragraph and character. The Style Inspector Figure E separates the two so that direct formatting is easy to spot. To open the Inspector, click the dialog launcher for the Styles group on the Home tab and click the Style Inspector icon in the middle at the bottom of the Styles pane. I don't know of a shortcut for displaying this pane.

Any formatting applied to the selected text will be removed.

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The same results can be achieved using a shortcut button on the ribbon. Clear formatting from any or all of the text in a document. Select Clear All Formatting in the upper-right corner of the Font group on the Home tab of the ribbon.

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It resembles an upper-case letter A with a pink rubber eraser in front of it. Strip text of any formatting using a plain text editor, such as Notepad.

This is beneficial if you've copied and pasted text from the internet or want to paste text from Word into an online content management system. Type "notepad" into the Windows Search box and press Enter. A new, blank Notepad file will open.