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How To Change the Game Download Location in Steam

Today's triple-A titles commonly occupy upwards of 20GB with many approaching or exceeding 60GB, especially after accounting for downloadable content. Ironically, it's often these large releases that benefit the most from the improved load times of a speedy drive, which is likely to be filled faster than you'd expect if it's on the smaller side of SSDs -- e. Fortunately, Steam has made it easier to move games from one location to another, no longer requiring you to open a Windows command prompt or download third-party tools, though we'll outline those methods, too, given that they still work.

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How to find your Steam Common Folder on a Mac.

The most convenient way is simply copying your Steam or SteamApps folder which is where your games are to a backup directory via Windows Explorer. However, the Steam client also provides an integrated backup and recovery process that will let you select installed titles and store them as backup files.

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  • How to Move a Steam Game to Another Location;

The easiest way would be repeating the last step above by using Steam's integrated feature for moving installation folders, though this method works, too:. If a game has become corrupt, you can also have Steam automatically seek and swap damaged files by verifying the integrity of your local data:. If it's been a while since you've done this, note that it doesn't completely freeze the Steam client anymore so you can continue chatting etc. That's two hours I'll never get back.

Step One: Create a Second Steam Folder

I found this page while searching for an answer to this problem but it seems that Steam has been fixed to address this concern. I tried installing a game without going through this process and it asked where I would like to install it, giving me the option of creating my games library on another disk.

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Using a standard Make Alias command won't work here; Steam will throw errors when you try to open the Steam app itself. You can also move the folder without breaking Steam by using a Symbolic Link like others have mentioned but since Steam has a feature to install games elsewhere already I recommend doing that.

(Solved) - Steam for Mac - Download/Install games to alternative drive? | MacRumors Forums

If you've already installed the game s and would rather move the SteamApps folder than to delete and reinstall I'll give instructions on how to make Steam realize you moved it below. Press the Save button and you're done. It will no longer include the contents of that folder in your TMB.

Hint: You don't need to re-download anything

Uninstall Steam. Step 4 : Reopen Steam and log in, then point Steam to your new directory and verify game files if necessary. This is an older type of mod that's no longer recommended, but see Modding:Using XNB mods if you're still interested. Steam apparently keeps Steam games in my home directory of all places. With a few exceptions see previous question , mods don't directly affect your save file so you can stop using them anytime. Yes, but it's extremely rare.

Quit Steam. You're done. When you open Steam it will already know that there are 0 games installed on the default Steam Library Folder and that your games are installed on the new Steam Library Folder. Remember when installing games in the future that the Download location is set to the folder you want it to download to. Open Steam, right click on the game s you want to create a shortcut to, and select Create Desktop Shortcut.

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Then leave it or move it to Applications or anywhere else you want. Move the SteamApps folder the same way you would any normal folder to the desired location, by Primary Typically Left -Click-Holding to drag and moving the mouse to the window with the desired location open then dropping the folder by lifting your finger from the mouse button. Type "cd " in the Terminal window then drag the folder you wish to create the Symbolic Link in from Finder onto the window in Terminal and press return to submit it.

Note: I have a non-English install of Steam, so the exact menu item and button names might be different from my guessed translation. With this method you also can choose which games to keep on e.

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The only possible drawback is that as of writing you can only move one game at a time, which may or may not be an annoyance depending on your library size. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I move Steam games to another location on disk on my Mac? Ask Question.

How to Move Steam Games to Another Drive

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Step One: Create a Second Steam Folder

Andrew J. Brehm Andrew J. Brehm 4 4 gold badges 11 11 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. Here's how you do this: Shut down Steam. Brant Brant The library folders can be found at:. Inside these you are looking for a sub-directory that looks like:. If you have bought the game via the Mac App Store, or Kartridge, then it is possible that the files will end up in the following location:. On Android you can access your save files either by connecting your computer via USB or using the My Files app on your phone.

If you have connected via USB then you can simply copy the files across to your computer. If you are using My Files then touch and hold on one of the files until it is selected with a checkmark, then tap on the rest of the files until they are all selected. You can then use the Share option to transfer them.