Python snmp mac address table

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Code Clean up and a slight increase in speed by a few seconds during the search by mac or ip.

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Code changes and Added CDP support.. This is a big update for Port Report In this revision the following brands and devices are supported. Now at the 5th revision 1. So far this has been tested on Cisco Switches, though I assume it will work on other ones as well """. Total MAC Addresses associated with this interface 2.

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Running Switch Report on And returns the newly converted nmac and the Valid code """. UdpTransportTarget dswitch, , oid. Since if I am doing an. UdpTransportTarget device, , oidN.

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Using SNMP to Find a Port Number from a MAC Address on a Catalyst Switch

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28. Examining the Switch MAC Address Table

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Project description

The integer value maps to the interface ID. Aug 13, Last released: Oct 13, The IP address of the Ethernet1 interface is OctetString name return self. I also manually configured the VLAN but the result is the same.

And Media Channels! And Infrastructure for you to test things for free the DevNet Sandbox! And there is no stopping those great people, all gifted, all very enthousiastic, all reachable and ready to share, coupled with a great Community Manager to bring a human face to all of this, reach you and help you find a starting point.

Python SNMP Examples

Well I have been trying to get on this train, with some success.. I have followed some training from Webinars and a Local Event DevNet Express Athens , I have of course done the Cisco Live content in place and highly recommend it, I have subscribed to Kirk Byers excellent email class about Python and Netmiko and I am following quite a few experts in the field.

However it all really starts when you get behind the screen and start tapping code on the keyboard.

enter So what can we automate? A lot of people have written excellent posts about it.

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errorIndex, varBindTable) in bulkCmd(SnmpEngine(), CommunityData('public') , in varBinds: # imaginary MongoDB document mapping port-ID -> MAC db. IPAddr = The IP Address for this MAC is not in the ARP Table. Total MAC Addresses associated with this interface 2. python -d -c.

I will not trouble you with it, but I do intend to come back to the post and provide some links to urls and people that do have things to say on the matter. I started with procedures that are already standardized in my workplace but were never automated. So I automated those. Then I started chasing around for things we do a lot and could gain some time from automating them but could also perhaps outsource the execution of those repetitive tasks to other teams, without handing over to them the admin access for our network equipment.

So this is a script that will automate our efforts to locate mac addresses on a campus lan fast, when our help desk teams connects workstations to access ports that are usually on a dummy vlan a vlan with no L3 access to anywhere and wants us to grant them network access. That involved locating the access switch and the access port that the workstation has connected to and changing the access vlan.


This part of the code is written in Python and handles the locating the mac address part. I do intend to to provide a web based access to this tool in order for the Help Desk people to be able to run it themselves without giving them network equipment access. Obviously the script depends largely on the local infrastructure and has to be adjusted before it can be used elsewhere. It basically starts on a core switch where the mac address will show up when connected anywhere on the campus Lan. It uses regular expressions to do a few things like checking for the mac address input, locating the info from the mac address table vlan, port, address type and also some info from the cdp neighbour command neighbour ip address and platform.