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And if you really, really hate Microsoft, then go with VMWare: www. After you create your first virtual image, make a backup.

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Then whenever you need another new image you can just dupe it. I installed the. The least they could do is mention this in the system requirements They might have new software up their sleeves but they cannot get it to install on the end user's system in a way they would like to Sure, it would be nice to have the option to install it as another instance but thats just one more option to confuse the less-savvy. Additionally, MS forces users to upgrade rather than using old techology. Ya, we as developers could care less about this, but then againdo we really want our clients to continue using old browser technology?

Lastly, IE is tied into many features of the OS. I am certain MS does not want to deal with the issues that running two differing versions may represent. Finally, why not direct these comments to MS? I hear a lot of complaining about MS but they do listen to developers.

But you have to talk to them. All I can say of MS is "thank you". Without MS the internet would not be as far as it is today and many of us may not have jobs. Name a product and I'll tell you something I hate about it. I didn't comment once about how IE 7 runs. In fact, apart from some brief testing for my latest blog post I haven't had the occasion to run IE 7. So, it's quite possible, as you state, that it runs really well with the 7th version, you'd think they'd get something right.

My post is about the horrible download process that you have to go through in order to get IE 7 in the first place. I'd love to hear how it is somehow my fault that I have to go through such a painful experience and jump through so many hoops just to download an application. It is exactly these less-computer savvy individuals who would be most confused by such a convoluted installation process.

Why do I have to install a plugin to verify the validity of the license of my operating system before being allowed to download a web browser by the same company? The problem is that the download process is so unnecessarily complicated. Especially when compared to how easy it is to download and install IE 7 using Yousif's installer. Is there some Internet innovation that I'm missing that Microsoft is responsible for? Also, you would need a license of Windows XP for each virtual machine.

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Granted, I have ten licenses for the darn thing so I could if I wanted to but it would be ridiculous. In any case, it's unnecessary, since there are ways to run different versions of IE together and Yousif's actually created a simple installer that lets you install multiple instances of IE on the same machine. As many internet companies can tell you from that period, this ad campaign launched us into a frenzied development process due to the overwhelming tresponse from the public.

ISPs will also tell you that ad campaign launched their services into a mainstream service. No, MS isnt directly responsible for any particular innnovation, they are responsible for getting the public onboard. No single company has given the internet the exposure to the masses that MS has, and we as developers seem to forget that.

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Also, as said before, you should mention your concerns to MS. The product is still a beta and as such they are open to making changes. Office was delayed because testers complained about how sluggish the product was.

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Be thankful you didn't get it downloaded because there's another Genuine Advantage check in the installer ; by Josh Tynjala on I understand both sides, I grew up loving DOS command prompt, then '98, , and finally winXP. And it's only been mana from heaven since then.

I would preffer if we all benefit helping other companies, not helping the monopoly MS has. I don't even bother on downloading IE7. What for? Thanks God there are many options that are free and you can download-install without any hassle, then "tune it" as you wish with many cool and usefull extensions.

MS is a nonsense. And for each reason you tell, there will be one answer to it. I completely agree with "Ernesto Quezada ", why help MS? I would prefer helping companies who help me.

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If not try out and you will never say that again. MS was the first to shout aloud about single click install of OS. I still never saw an Windows installer, which is singl;e click. Two clicks and thats it. Try out the softwares before actually using it through live CDs. Then for what I should not hate MS.

For Bugs, for turture and for unreliability the list will never end. If MS is not going to pay attention to people, which is their business not mine to take care of their products. I have a product and I am not happy, so I am not going to talk to company that please fix these bugs so that I will use your product. Thats solely their responsible and if they can not keep up with it then they will only lose. We have a lots and lots of good products arround. Talking about IE, do you know what they had done with Netscape? If no then know it.

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Whether MS is really for you. If you kill one good fellow there will be thousands, what will you do? I can not see a competition of IE with other browsers. The competition of browsers are now with Firefox and Opera. Beleive it or not, you will come to join us, if not today, it will be tomorrow. Buts its for sure if MS will not change their philosophy it will be no where. I do not care about what will happen to MS, rather can not consider it anymore int he competition.

There a rea lot of good players now competiting. All the best to all of them. The funny thing is all these ms brown nosers love the "new" features of ms yet the rest of us have been enjoying them for years and since ms actually cant come up with anything by itself it will always be that way.

Except that the stuff ms "borrows" actually runs right on the originators systems, ms cant even copy something right. As a developer the only thing ms does for me is make my life miserable, constantly having to do hack jobs to get things to run on that crap system of theirs. There are developers working for MS who I'm sure, most of which, are dedicated to their jobs and not trying to screw every penny out of users.

Admitidly the corporate giant as a whole might have issues convincing me of their love for the user but the actual developers, project managers etc are there to create a product for users much like any other organisation. I've come to accept the fact that we work with products from huge, evil companies. Heck, I use a Mac!

I mean apple makes billions and doesn't bat an eyelid when legally threathening people who use the word "podcast" and suing their own fanbase just two examples, really. But they make usable stuff. I don't have to activate my OS X. I don't have to download a stupid plugin that hangs my browser just to download a browser.

I don't have to look through feature lists on the fifty billion different versions of Vista to discover which version I need. I've got OS X super-duper-version and it's the only version there is. However, I think the main reasons people do hate MS is : - because they are a monopoly - their "IT expert" friends have told them so - they have dodgy licenses and don't like being busted for it I think if you asked the majority of "haters" they'd struggle to justify it beyond bandwagon hatred.

Justified bitching about stupid pointless forced downloads however is perfectly acceptable ; I also wouldn't be surprised if some MS staff DO read this blog regarding the feedback giving. Oh yeah, and OS X also "just works" which is also another huge genuine advantage. I've got 10 licenses to Windows in my subscription plan. Unfortunately, I still need to test on Windows. Otherwise, I'd happily not touch it ever again.

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I wasted way too many years and way too much aggravation with Windows. Switching to OS X has been the best thing -- it's made me love using a computer again. And that, unlike some "Genuine Advantage", is priceless.

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Consider investing in a Mac. If you compare spec for spec the mac is only a mere or dollars more and you get a fantastic computer! You are a somewhat technical minded person, and therefore you will look for a solution for your problems before hand. But windows is not made for technical people, it's made for your parents. And installing the genuine advantage tool is nothing to be afraid of. However, if you pirated the software, and are bitching because Microsoft is getting sick and tired of it, well buddy Cry me a fucking river, buy a copy you lazy douche bag.

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I know lots of foreign peeps & Mac users who have been listening since day TESD goes up Fridays I know, but when does Overkill go up?. Heard you guys talk about it not being able to get the TESD Overkill show on a Mac. Incase nobody brought it up yet, you cant download the show but you can.